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Buy Forbidden Fruit Weed Strain UK

Are you looking for an online weed store to buy Forbidden Fruit Weed online? If yes, then you have come to the appropriate and reliable store. DankPlugEU is available with Forbidden Fruit Weed for sale here. You do not have to consider the Forbidden Fruit Weed price at all. The reason being, real Forbidden Fruit Weed online is accessible at cost-effective rates here. Every product sold at our online dispensary is tested professionally.

We offer safe delivery to all our customers at the worldwide level. Don’t be stressed about anything at all. Our proficient members are always available to provide complete assistance. You can put up any query and get it solved at the earliest. We do not neglect any customer’s request and try to fulfill them all at once go inside a short timeframe.

What is Forbidden Fruit Weed?

Forbidden Fruit is the mouthwatering cross of Cherry Pie x Tangie. This sumptuous genetic cross expresses a beautiful dense bud structure with deep purple hues, dark green foliage, and wiry orange hairs. The terpene profile is a perfect mixture of Cherry Pie’s musky, sweet cherry undertones and Tangie’s loud tropical flavors. There are also notes of pine, mango, and passionfruit candy. The indica effects hit hard between the eyes and lay into the body with each hit. Forbidden Fruit’s deep physical relaxation and mental stoniness make it perfect for dulling minor physical discomfort and discarding stress.

What are the effects of the Forbidden Fruit on the human body?

The effects of the Forbidden Fruit on the human body are listed below:

  • Relaxed
  • Uplifted
  • Euphoric
  • Sleepy
  • Happy
  • It helps with stress, depression, insomnia, pain and anxiety.

Where can I order Forbidden Fruit Weed online?

You can order Forbidden Fruit Weed online at our online dispensary. DankPlugEU is the best vendor and supplier of real Forbidden Fruit Weed online. Your order for Forbidden Fruit Weed will be fulfilled shortly by our team members. Do not miss any opportunity to connect with our online store. Hit your order to buy Forbidden Fruit Weed online Europe today!


28 Grams (1 OZ), 56 Grams (2 OZ), 112 Grams (4 OZ), 224 Grams (8 OZ), 448 Grams (16 OZ)


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Customer Reviews

Christopher Lang 30-06-2021

Your product has been great and the service even much better so, I am thankful for your product!

John Ryan 15-07-2021

I was impressed with this high-quality product (northern lights weed strain). Best price I got!

paul walker 25-07-2021

Thanks to Dankpluguk, I was able to finish my research with a more than satisfactory result. One of the best vendors.

frank Thomas 10-07-2021

I purchased the blue dream weed strain from you guys and I appreciate for discounts that you are offering.

cristian crane 27-07-2021

I received the best quality Gelato weed strain from DankPlugEU. 5 Star ratings!!

Cathy Moore 01-04-2021

Brilliant service. Delivered within two days of order. First-class seeds for my collection.

Diane 20-03-2021

I loved this website. Easy to use, informative, and the delivery is fast and discreet. Collect with confidence every time. Weed Shop rocks my world!

Deanne Jones 1-03-2021

Fantastic service and delivery would highly recommend, and for sure. I will be ordering again in a couple of days. Thumbs up!!

Kathy Hoyt 28-03-2021

The perfect weed company. You get what you order fast, the prices are great, and the seeds are top quality.

Sammy 05-03-2021

I have just placed my first order through the online weed shop DankPlugEU. They are far better than others in pricing, delivery process, and quality of the products. GO for it!